Year 6 - Bude 2018

Wednesday afternoon - We continued our day with the climbing and abseiling activity. All of the children climbed at least the first portion of the wall  and many of them had a go at abseiling (which is taller than the whole hotel). Again, we are so impressed by their positive attitudes and resilience in the face of fears!
Wednesday morning - This morning we attended high ropes. All of the children had a go and many of them realised they were very comfortable high up in the air. It was incredibly impressive to watch the children overcome their fears and give the different challenges a go. Well done everyone! 
Tuesday Evening - This evening was fancy dress and, of course, football! We had some amazing costumes on show like wolves, lifeguards and cheerleaders (to name only a few). They all looked fab and loved wandering round the centre in their different outfits. The children also got to watch the England v Colombia game together. The atmosphere was brilliant and the children were cheering and singing. Nearly all of the children crowded together to watch the tense penalties at the end and then celebrated together. It was a really positive moment for the children. Tomorrow is the day many are looking forward to the most: high-ropes and climbing!
Tuesday afternoon - After the water activity in the morning, we went mountain boarding. The children were taught all about how to move safety and steer and then it was time to practice. They all had a brilliant go and no one got injured! Many of the children moved onto the obstacles and weaving around on their boards.
Tuesday Morning - Today we started off with canoeing. The children were sat three to a boat and spent quite a while working out how to not crash into the bank or simply turn in circles. Once the basics were mastered, it was onto the games and the children enjoyed a brilliant time playing and, more often than not, falling into the canal! The weather was so beautiful that they were dry before we reached land again. 
Monday evening - Tonight was karaoke night! The night started strong with Zac performing a solo to great applause. This was followed by alternating performances between the St Margaret’s children and that of another school. Nearly all the children performed a song. The list of chosen songs included: Blue (da da daa), Let it go, Don’t stop me know, 7 years and Uptown funk to name a few. Reuben, Caiden, Zac, Archie, Charlie, Kristian and Jake all won prizes for their efforts! 
Monday afternoon - The team trail was enjoyed by every member of the school! They begun with a series of challenges that they had to complete as a team. This included: building a pyramid; moving items blind folded and with a hook and getting a ball to float up a pipe. Then they got to go through an assault course using all of their team building skills. 
Monday afternoon 2 - After the team trials, the children got to have a go at their very favourite part of the afternoon: the dunk tank! The children had to go down a slide and land in a pool of water and then crawl through a tube with water pouring over them. It was a real relief from the sun and the children loved getting their revenge on the instructors at the end of the session.
Monday Lunch - the children have just completed their morning session - body boarding! The conditions were perfect. There were some decent waves, beautifully hot sun and icy cold water. No one wanted to get out in the end. All the children had huge smiles on their faces the whole time. We are now due to have lunch and then onto the team trail. 
Monday Am - all the children have arrived and settled in nicely. The children have all unpacked and have met their tutor leaders for the week. All of the groups were thoroughly excited but all got to sleep fine although some of the boys did wake up before 5 am full of excitement and ready to head out for their run or swim! 
The children have all been enjoying the food! A record for breakfast so far this week has been: 2 bowls of cereal, 2 pieces of toast, two sausages, beans and two hash browns!