Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Thankfulness class:     Mr Smith and Ms Hicks

Hope class:    Ms Fancourt, Miss Morris and Ms Harris 

Y4 WOW Event - A trip to the Northam Burrows to consider how a Tsunami could effect us in North Devon!
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Year 4 Maths Units


Here at St Margaret's, we use units of work to guide us through the maths curriculum objectives. Here are the units we have covered so far:

 4.1 Number sense (place value up to 4 digits)

4.2 Additive Reasoning (addition and subtraction)

4.3 Multiplicative Reasoning (multiplication and subtraction)

4.4 Geometric Reasoning (shape, position and measure)

4.5 Number sense (place value, Roman Numerals and rounding)


We will be continuing with 4.5 after the Christmas holidays for another week before we move on to our next unit.