Year 3

  Year 3's Year Group Page
Keep up the hard work Year 3 - Christmas is almost here. We have been having lots of fun learning about our new topic 'Hurricanes, Cyclones and Tornadoes' Come here, to our year group page, to find out more about our learning in school. Look carefully, you may even find a photograph of yourself somewhere on our page.
We are working on the four times table in our times table challenge. Try out some of these games to help you improve your speed.
We've been learning about the different 2D shapes and how we can recognize different polygons by the number of their sides. Can you play some games to show off your knowledge?
Improve your English skills with these games and activities.
We've been using repeat functions and loops to help us code more efficiently - have a practise using the angry birds and basketball games.
Phonics Fun
Try out some of these activities if you would like to improve your phonics and spellings
Here are the songs for your Christmas play - feel free to have a practise at home!
Look at these great websites to find out more about our topic.
Do you want to become a hurricane expert? Look here to find out more about our topics. 
Design and Technology 
Well done on your enthusiasm with DT, if you like a challenge try out making some cards with these mechanisms. 
Topic Overview and Welcome Letter: Useful Information
To find out what we are learning in class this half term look at our term overview! We will be having lots of fun finding out what it is like to live in Stone Age Britain! Could you be a Stone Age child?