Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

It's lovely to have you back with us.

The children should be bringing homework home with them every week now. You can choose to do this either on Google Classroom or on paper in their homework book. Remember we do ask that you read with your child as often as possible at home - it only needs to be 5 minutes. Then write this in their Reading Record. Thank you.
Ancient Egypt
Our topic in Spring 1 is Ancient Egypt.
We will be learning about lots of different aspects of life in Ancient Egypt. We will find out about how the Ancient Egyptians, lived, what they did with their dead, what they believed happened to them after they died, the gods they worshiped, who was in charge, what they built, what they left behind and what we can learn from them.
Our PE this term will  start with a focus on net and wall games. We have started some of this on a Tuesday with Lottie from ARC. We will be learning how to: use a range of throwing and catching skills, use a small range of basic racquet skills, create our own net and wall games, keep games effective with rules and recognise how things could go better in our games.
Below are the links to our Curriculum overview:
We are opinion pollsters
We will be learning how to collect data and use a computer to show this information to others in an exciting and useful way. We will be using new programs to create charts, taking surveys of other people and learning about how to share this data safely.