Year 3

  Year 3's Year Group Page
Happy New Year Year 3, we hope you are all ready for an exciting term. We have an amazing topic this term- the Ancient Egyptians. Come here, to our year group page, to find out more about our learning in school. Look carefully, you may even find a photograph of yourself somewhere on our page.
We are working on the four times table in our times table challenge. Try out some of these games to help you improve your speed.
Tommy's Trek (Choose 8 times table and at least normal level)
Improve your fraction skills with some of these games.
Improve your English skills with these games and activities.
Phonics Fun
Try out some of these activities if you would like to improve your phonics and spellings
Ancient Egypt
Our new topic is Ancient Egypt. Look here for useful links about our new topic. 
Challenge: Can you identify any of the artefacts in the images below?
Are you an expert in Ancient Egypt? 
Follow this webquest to find out!