Remote Learning

Online Learning
Whilst school has closed, learning has moved online to Google Classroom.  Your child has practised logging in and navigating the site.  Please contact school if you require any tech support with this. 
Your child's learning will continue from their work in the classroom and will be set daily.  Work can be submitted online and will then be marked by your child's teacher or is to be completed in your child's exercise book. 
Any videos created by our staff are for your personal use only, and are not to be posted, used or shared anywhere else on the internet as this would breach our data protection regulations.
During these extraordinary times we as staff are available to you, so please feel free to ring or email the school if you have any questions, concerns or require any resources.

Some children are engaging in live teaching sessions via Google Meet.  
Please ensure you and your child follow our online code of conduct.
Paper packs
Some families have requested paper packs due to limited online-access.  These children will have two exercise books to work in. 
Every Monday, after 10am, your child's work and an exercise book will be available to collect from outside the front of school.  When collecting work, please leave your child's exercise book from the previous week to be marked.  The following week when submitting and collecting fresh work, you will receive your first book back and the work will have been marked.
If you see the marking, and have concerns regarding your child's progress please contact you child's teacher who can offer further support.