Our Approach

We have the firm belief that all of our children are on the way to developing a real understanding of the key principles and concepts that underpin maths. We build an environment based on the thinking that ‘Mistakes are our friends,’ with the understanding that mistakes help us learn and are a key part of the process of finding a deeper level of understanding. This is why we work in pen in our maths books – every single part of our children’s thinking process is important to us. Our children are encouraged to say ‘I can’t do it yet’ as opposed to ‘I can’t do it’ as we have a shared belief and commitment that our children will reach the level of understanding required.

We have a commitment to developing the reasoning of the children in our classes. We have implemented effective and written strategies to develop our children’s reasoning in maths as we feel that this gives them a much deeper, more purposeful understanding of the maths that they are learning. During our discussions, we encourage a sense of opinion and respect which help our children to have balanced conversations as they work together to discuss the mathematical concept in question.


The use of context in our planning

We believe that it is vital that our children are engaged in their learning. One way we ensure this is through context based, interesting lessons. We use our maths lessons to further our learning across the curriculum, giving our maths lessons a purpose and drive that adds to the energy of the classroom. Our children have developed a resilience in maths that is entirely due to our use of context. Our teachers take the time to plan lessons which encourage an obsession with finding an answer. The use of context gives our numbers a meaning and helps our children to understand abstract concepts in a more concrete manner. We enjoy planning our maths lessons, looking for opportunities to take our learning outside and approach our learning with enthusiasm and ambition