Free School Meals

We are sorry that your child is unable to attend school but please be reassured we are available if you need support or have any questions at this time.


The Government are currently working on reinstating the voucher scheme to ensure that all families registered for Free School Meals are able to provide their children with a lunch during school closures.


Whilst we await the voucher scheme being re-instated, if your child is registered with Devon County Council for free school meals, you are entitled to a weekly food parcel which will be prepared at school by our kitchen team. The food parcel will include the essential items you will need to prepare a lunch for your child each day. If you order one, the food parcels will be available for you to collect from school every Monday between 10:30 and 11:30am.


* Please note, if you are currently isolating, we will deliver your food parcel to you.  Please contact the school office to arrange this.


Please contact the school office, or email, if you would like a food parcel.  Your request will be treated in confidence.


As soon as we receive further information regarding supermarket vouchers, we will be in touch with all parents so that you can choose if you'd like to continue with our food parcels or switch to the voucher scheme.