Family Groups

At St Margaret's, we operate a whole-school behaviour policy. All children are expected to make a good effort in all areas of work and while they do this, they collect Family Group Points for their Family Groups. Each Family Group will have children from years 3 to 6, siblings will be in the same group. We hope that this will strengthen the sense of team in our school. We now have 8 Family Groups, named after the view from our school:

Appledore, Lundy, Westward Ho!, Saunton, Braunton, Instow, Hartland, and Clovelly.

Each family group is led by a girl and boy captain who are elected by their family group at the start of each academic year.

Children who make exceptional contributions to class life, their own learning or the ethos of the school may be presented with a Class Teacher Award Certificate or a Headteacher's Certificate and they also have their names published in the Messenger. They may also receive other certificates and awards from one of the numerous extra-curricular activities offered at school.

All children are also encouraged to bring in awards they have received in out-of-school clubs and have them presented in our Celebration Assembly.

School is all about learning, both in academic and social terms, and from time to time, children will cross the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. At St Margaret's we aim to turn these incidents into a learning experience for the child so that they are better equipped to make choices of their own in the future.