Celebration Worship

Let's Celebrate!
Whilst school is partially closed due to restrictions as a result of COVID-19, many children have still be working hard and we'd like to celebrate in their success.
God our creator,
you have given us the talent and discipline
which help us to play and to compete together:
Whether we win or fail let us be gracious,
and let us never be glad at another's setbacks;
Grant that when we use the skills you have given us,
we may recall you, the source of all our abilities.
Colouring Competition!
Well done to Mustafa at St George's who won 3rd place in a colouring competition at his local Costcutter
A Year 5 winner in a competition on Facebook on who could be the most creative!
Well done!!
Jackson has been baking...
Harry to the Rescue...
"We found a hedgehog a few weeks ago that needed medical treatment, so we contacted a rescue centre in Welcombe called Project Prickles. We were told we could have ’Ben’ back for our garden once he was feeling better.

Well he’s now double the weight and free of ticks and worms and Ben and his lady friend Babs are now adventuring around ours and our neighbours gardens.

Harry helped his Dad make a hedgehog house and a feeding station. He puts in fresh food/water each night and we’re about to install a wildlife camera in the garden to try to capture some of their nocturnal antics.

The rescue centre have said that a Harry can be one of their foster Dads so that any hedgehogs ready for release (that aren’t being returned to the finder) can start their journey from our garden."
We have a record breaker!
...after taking part in an online art lesson to break a world record!