The Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust is a partnership of aspirational primary schools across the North Devon Atlantic Coastline. The Trust formed in 2013 to unite local schools through shared core values which inspire and empower our children to achieve their full potential. We work together to share expertise and excellent classroom practice. The ACCT comprises a diverse group of nine settings including urban, coastal, rural, church and community schools, ranging in size from around 50 to 400 children, from nursery through to Year 6. Our schools are all based very close to the North Devon Biosphere and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which we all frequently access as part of our curriculum.


The Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust (ACCT) consists of seven primary schools in the Bideford area, North Devon. We are committed to providing:

  • Shared quality learning experiences for the approximately 1500 children in the Bideford area.
  • Specific learning programmes, for example through Gifted and Talented outreach and
  • School improvement opportunities.
  • Curriculum enrichment opportunities particularly  using outdoor learning.
  • Continued professional development programmes for staff at all stages of their careers.
  • A network to host and support initial teacher training.
  • A forum to support Headteachers and Governors respond to the emerging educational climate.

Below are the schools who are part of the ACCT. Please click on the logos to visit their websites.